Dates Open in 2017
May 26 - October 16


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You must be 18 or older to reserve a site.
You must be 21 years or older to consume alcohol at Whit's End.
Well behaved people and pets are welcome!

If you have more then four adults in your party--
 We reserve the the right to decline large groups we
deem not in keeping with a family campground.
(*Please see note at the bottom of the page.)

Office/Store Hours

Monday:         9am - 5pm
Tuesday:        9am - 5pm
Wednesday:  9am - 5pm
Thursday:      9am - 5pm
Friday:            9am - 8pm
Saturday:       9am - 8pm
Sunday:         9am - 3pm

Email or call us at:
Email: Telephone: (603) 539-6060

*Please Note: We are a family and friends campground. Please do not reserve a site with us if you are an all adult group of any age whose plans include any type of beer drinking game, use of non-stop foul language or to stay up really late partying. There may be campgrounds that allow this type of camping to occur--we are not one of them. We have no problem with folks sitting by the fire until later in the evening enjoying their friends and family, and we are better about this then most. Your fire will not be put out with a bucket of water here. However, we do ask those that camp with us to have respect for their fellow campers.

Please join us this summer with your family and friends!

Whit's End Campground   140 Newman Drew Road    West Ossipee NH 03890